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Hi! My name is

Mani OBrien,

and I am a writer and graphic designer. Thanks for stopping by to browse some of my work! Please note that I am unable to showcase all of my work due to privacy issues. Feel free to email me to view additional work samples.

I am the Content Manager for FIDMDigitalArts.com at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising– a great site dedicated to graphic design and digital media. You can find me blogging at the FIDM Digital Arts Blog four days a week.

I also recently launched a super fun side project, Only in This City, with my filmmaker boyfriend, a user-based Blog dedicated to the outrageous, hilarious, glamorous or wonderful things that are seen/heard/experienced and unique to your city or hometown.

You can also find me writing about my design projects and personal life at Design & Mania.

I am available for freelance for logo, branding, Web design and social media marketing. Get in contact right here.