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Hi! My name is

Mani OBrien,

and I am a writer and graphic designer. Thanks for stopping by to browse some of my work! Please note that I am unable to showcase all of my work due to privacy issues. Feel free to email me to view additional work samples.

I am the online editor for the FIDM Digital Arts Blog at FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising– a great site dedicated to graphic design and digital media.

I also recently launched a super fun side project, Only in This City, with my filmmaker boyfriend, dedicated to the outrageous, hilarious, glamorous or wonderful things that are seen/heard/experienced and unique to your city or hometown. You can also find me writing about silly cultural musings on my site The Stellar Blog– Millennial girls celebrating women of substance. Finally, visit my site Poems Unrequited where I am celebrating poetry written by my late father.

While my schedule is pretty limited, I take on select freelance web design, social media or writing projects. Get in contact right here.